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Okay, I’m almost late (but not a dollar short; more like 55 cents), but technically it’s still Friday. I’ve been inspired by my fantabulous friend Kelli at Fresh Scratch to jump onto the InstaFriday bandwagon lead by Jeannett at Life Rearranged.

This week’s challenge was to snap a shot of a thing that I love. This week, in particular, that was a breeze, because it was my birthday and my always amazing birthday gift-giving husband got me this necklace, which I adore:

The rest of my week was memorable not only because of my birthday celebration(s), but because Clare started preschool. Hold me.

I was surprised by a weekend full of fun activities, including fancy dinner out — alone with Michael, which never ever happens anymore — and breakfast from my favorite bakery.

We ate at the wondrous Waterstreet Cafe, where we started with this gorgeous (and scrumptious) antipasto. And it only got better from there, which I wouldn’t have believed possible.

The kids walked the babysitter home. This was Clare’s first time with a babysitter (when she wasn’t already in bed for the night). Complete success! Now I see more date nights in our future. Finally.

Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch? On Sunday I had to go to a local eatery to take photos for an article I’m writing. They set me up with their yummy Jake sandwich. Little did I know I’d get a second free lunch later in the week when writing about one of Olympia’s new food trucks.

We ate a little birthday torte on Sunday evening. Clare was very excited about it. Xander, my ultra-picky eater? Not so much.

Clare at her first day of preschool. She did great. Hung back, observed quietly, but had a good time.

Birthday flowers on Tuesday from my mom and stepdad! Gorgeous.

Tuesday night I got to head out with my lovely friends Emily and Kelli for weeknight, the kids are in bed so let’s let loose birthday cocktails. Why yes, that is an empty glass next to a full one. Indulgence, thy name is Turning 41.

Took both kids to the dentist on Thursday. Even when it goes well, it’s never, ever fun.

Waiting to leave for preschool on Friday. Fall weather is finally here. I couldn’t be happier.

Xander, my baseball-obsesssed almost 7-year-old turned our front porch into a bullpen. Really, I’m surprised it took him this long.


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