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Food Gawker is one of my new favorite food blogs. Sure, its array of amazing food photos is giving me a complex about my own culinary snapshots, but the site also inspires me to improve my photography skills. That’s an even trade, in my book.

More importantly, Food Gawker is prompting me to try new things. I’ve written about food and cooking for years, but my husband is the real cook in our family. I’m much more likely to read a cookbook like a travel guide, flipping through the pages, taking it all in slowly, dreaming of the possibilities (but knowing I will likely never actually set foot in Iceland).

The site is as simple as can be. The design is sparse, the content made up of food bloggers’ posts and photos from around the world. See a picture that piques your interest? Click on it and find the entire recipe (and maybe a new blog to add to your RSS feed).

I’ve lost so much time to Food Gawker in the past couple of weeks that I’m trying hard to ignore the fact that there’s also a Dwelling Gawker and Craft Gawker.


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